Franco Buffoni
Franco Buffoni (Gallarate, 1948), made his debut as a poet in 1978. He published poetry collections: Nell’acqua degli occhi (1979), I tre desideri (1984), Quaranta a quindici (1987), Scuola di Atene (1991), Adidas. Poesie scelte 1975-1990 (1993), Suora carmelitana e altri racconti in versi (1997), Songs of Spring. Quaderno di traduzioni (1999), Il profilo del Rosa (2000), Theios (2001), Del Maestro in bottega (2002), Guerra (2005), Noi e loro (2008), Roma (2009), Jucci (2014), O Germania (2015), Avrei fatto la fine di Turing (2015). The Oscar Mondadori Poesie 1975-2012 (2012) collects his poetic work. In 1989 he founded and still runs the six-monthly theory and practice of literary translation Testo a fronte. For Marcos y Marcos he edited the volumes Ritmologia (2002), Mario Praz vent’anni dopo (2003) and La traduzione del testo poetico (2004). For Mondadori he translated Poeti romantici inglesi (2005) and edited works by Byron, Coleridge, Wilde, Kipling. For Marcos y Marcos he translated Una piccola tabaccheria. Quaderno di traduzioni(2012). He is the author of the novels Reperto 74 (2008), Zamel (2009), Il servo di Byron (2012), La casa di via Palestro (2014), pamphlet Più luce, padre (2006) and Laico alfabeto (2010) and essays Con il testo a fronte. Indagine sul tradurre e l’essere tradotti (2007), L’ipotesi di Malin. Studio su Auden critico-poeta (2007) and Mid Atlantic. Teatro e poesia nel Novecento angloamericano (2007). He is a journalist, editor of the blog Le parole e le cose, contributor to Radio3 Wikiradio and full professor of Literary Criticism and Comparative Literature. []

The paper archive is available for consultation at the Manuscripts Center of the University of Pavia

Silvia Avallone
Silvia Avallone (Biella, 1984) lives in Bologna, where she graduated in Philosophy and specialized in Literature. In 2007 he published the collection of poetry Il libro dei vent’anni (Ed. Della Meridiana), winner of the Alfonso Gatto prize for young people. His poems and stories have appeared on Granta, Nuovi Argomenti and Vanity Fair.
With his debut novel Acciaio (Rizzoli, 2010) he won the Campiello Opera Prima prize, the Flaiano prize, the Fregene prize, and was ranked second at the 2010 Strega prize. The novel has been translated into 23 languages and in France , with D’Acier, won the Prix des lecteurs de L’Express 2011. Acciaio is taken from the film of the same name, directed by Stefano Mordini, with Michele Riondino and Vittoria Puccini, produced by Palomar. Also in Acciaio is inspired by the homonymous song by Noemi that opens the album Made in London of 2014. In 2015 the Swiss theater company “L’outil de la ressemblance” brought on stage the show D’acier, based on the French translation of the novel. His novel Marina Bellezza (Rizzoli, 2013) has been published in France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Norway and Sweden. Da dove la vita è perfetta (2017) is his latest novel. Collaborate with the Corriere della Sera.

Gianrico Carofiglio
Gianrico Carofiglio (Bari,  1961), magistrate, in 2007 he was appointed consultant to the parliamentary anti-mafia commission and in 2008 he was elected senator.
He made his debut in 2002 with the unwitting yellow Testimone inconsapevole (Sellerio), which received numerous awards. The novel inaugurates a series dedicated to the lawyer Guido Guerrieri destined to a great success, which continues for Sellerio in 2003 with Ad occhi chiusi and in 2006 with Ragionevoli dubbi (the three novels are collected in the volume I casi dell’avvocato Guerrieri, 2007) , and in 2010 with temporary perfections, a finalist for the Campiello Prize.
From the novel Il passato è una terra straniera (Rizzoli 2004), Bancarella award, the film of the same name directed by Daniele Vicari is taken. With the novel Il silenzio dell’onda (Rizzoli 2011) he enters the final of the Premio Strega.
In 2010 he published the collection of short stories for Rizzoli Non esiste saggezza, which received the Chiara Prize. His stories appeared in the Crimini italiani anthology (Einaudi 2008) and in the volume Cocaina, with Massimo Carlotto and Giancarlo De Cataldo (Einaudi 2013). Again for Einaudi in 2014 he published the novels Una mutevole verità and La regola dell’equilibrio. His books are translated into more than twenty languages.

Paolo Di Paolo
Paolo Di Paolo (Rome, 1983) has a degree in literature from La Sapienza University and a Ph.D. in Studies in Italian Literary and Linguistic History.
In 2003 finalist at the Italo Calvino prize with the collection Nuovi cieli, nuove carte (published the following year by the publisher Empirìa) and at the Campiello Giovani prize. Among his novels: Dove eravate tutti (Feltrinelli 2011, Mondello award, Vittorini, finalist for the Zocca young prize), and Mandami tanta vita (Feltrinelli 2013, finalist for the Strega prize, winner of the Fiesole Prize and Salerno Book of Europe). He wrote for the children La mucca volante (2014, finalist for the Girls and Boys Witch Prize), for the theater Istruzioni per non morire in pace (2015). He edited the correspondence and an anthology of Indro Montanelli’s writings (Nella mia lunga e tormentata esistenza, Rizzoli 2012; La mia eredità sono io. Pagine da un secolo, Rizzoli Bur 2008); in 2010 an anthology of short stories by Debenedetti (E nessuno si accorse che mancava una stella, BUR) and the volume Viaggi e altri viaggi by Antonio Tabucchi (Feltrinelli). He has also edited several interviews with important Italian personalities such as Antonio Debenedetti, Dacia Maraini, Raffaele La Capria, and a volume of conversations with Italian writers (Ogni viaggio è un romanzo, Laterza 2007). He has several collaborations with magazines and newspapers, including La Stampa, the Venerdì of Repubblica, the Espresso, Nuovi Argomenti. From 2016 his website is online, Uno che scrive. [Http://]

Beppe Severgnini
Beppe Severgnini (Crema, 1956) graduated in international law from the University of Pavia. He presided over the University Alumni Association and was named «graduate of the year» in 1998 and 2011.
He was a correspondent in London for the Giornale di Montanelli (1984-88) and worked on Voce (1994-1995). Director of 7, the weekly Corriere della Sera, of which he is a columnist since 1995. He was a correspondent in Italy for The Economist (1996-2003). Since 2013 he has written for The New York Times. In 2004 he was named “European Journalist of the Year” in Brussels.
He is the author of sixteen books, including: Inglesi (1990); Un italiano in America (1995) became a National Bestseller in the United States; Italiani si diventa (1998, new ed. 2015); La testa degli Italiani (2005), New York Times Best Seller, translated into fifteen languages. From La vita è un viaggio (2014) he drew a theatrical performance, which he himself interpreted. In 2015 he published Signori, si cambia, which defines “a railway and philosophical tale”. He wrote, among others, volumes on the language (L’inglese. Lezioni semiserie, 1992; L’italiano. Lezioni semiserie, 2007) and travel (Italiani con la valigia, 1993, ed. agg. 1997; Manuale dell’imperfetto viaggiatore, 2000; Italians. Giro nel mondo in 80 pizze, 2008). He has collaborated for La Gazzetta dello Sport and published four volumes dedicated to Inter, collected in 2011 in the Manuale del Perfetto Interista. For Rai, he conducted Italians, cioè italiani (1997) and Luoghi comuni, un viaggio in Italia (2001 and 2002). In 2015/2016 he conceived, wrote and conducted L’erba dei vicini (Rai 3). He worked for Sky Italia (2004-2010) and for La7 (since 2011). In radio, he worked for BBC Radio 4, Radio2 Rai, Radio Montecarlo and Virgin Radio, where in 2017 he launched Rock & Talk.
Since 2010 he has taught at the “Walter Tobagi” School of Journalism at the University of Milan. He was a Visiting Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT (2009) and at the Ca ‘Foscari University of Venice (2013), Isaiah Berlin Visiting Scholar at Oxford University (2013).
In 2001 Queen Elizabeth II conferred him the title of Officer of the British Empire and in 2011 he was appointed Commendatore of the Italian Republic.